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ECU Remapping

Whats an ECU?

An ECU (Engine Control Unit) can almost be described as the vehicles ‘brain’ and contains a small processor amongst other components that take information from various sensors throughout the engine and control its operating parameters. All modern cars and vans on the road today have an ECU, It analyses information such as the engine temperature, accelerator pedal position, Intake air temperatures as well as many other parameters. Using the information from these sensors it can then add the right quantity of fuel, at just the right time to provide a good mix of fuel economy, performance and emission control.

What is an ECU Remap?

When a manufacturer develops a car, part of this development is creating the map file that runs the vehicle once everything else is built. When developing this file they have to take into account that the vehicle needs to be used all over the world in various extremes of conditions, this can include low quality fuels, extreme altitutes and temperatures, emission law changes and vehicles not kept on the manufacturers recommended servicing schedule. Accounting for all of these factors means a compromise needs to be made on power and economy, to allow the engine to run smoothly and safely in these varying climates.

When we remap an ECU, we read the original/standard file from the ECU that contains the “maps” mentioned above that run the engine, this is then taken by one of our experts in the file team where they modify a variety of operating parameter within the map such as Ignition timing, fuel pressure, torque settings, boost pressure amongst many others in order to unleash this lost power and in a lot of cases a leap in fuel economy as well.

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