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Ecu cloning

When a Ecu or Module goes down, getting another one whether it be new or from a donor Vehicle, it will generally need to be programmed or coded to the car before it will work.

We can clone, calibrate & data transfer from curent vehicle Ecu’s to new or refurbished Ecu.

Cloning a used Ecu means that you can plug the replacement on your Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Tractor, Scooter, Boat with no further key or immobiliser coding needed.

You will need to remove your old Ecu and send both Ecu’s to us. 

We have experience in supplying the very best solutions for our customers even when it comes to saving them time & money.

You can mix services at the same time with ecu remapping, dpf delete, egr remove, swirl flap delete, dtc delete, etc.

Our cloning, data transfer services cover 99% Ecu’s for Cars, Trucks, Motorhome, Pick-up, Vans, Tractor, Agricole, Motorcycle, Scooters, Skyjet, Boat.

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